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June 21st, 2013

NASCAR Betting

Many people enjoy placing bets on sports whether they are fans of the particular activity or not. Typically, most bettors do have some knowledge of the sport which aids in placing the bet. Currently, the sport of NASCAR racing is providing some excellent opportunities to get in on the action by placing sports bets.

While the majority of bets are placed on which driver will win the race, there are some other wagering options. One of these is similar but rather focusing on one driver, focuses on three. This adds a level of complexity and risk which appeals to many bettors. Sportsbooks will provide odds of each driver finishing in the top three. If the number is a negative number, then this driver is also predicted to win the race. The other drivers will have odds stated with a positive number. The odds can tell bettors how much they will win if they are successful. For example, if Kurt Busch has odds of -140, this means $14 must be placed to get back a $10 return. Another example would be Kasey Kahne who could have odds of +110. This means for every $10 wagered, a winning bet would payout $11. The odds are easy to learn how to read and make NASCAR betting even easier.

After placing bets on NASCAR, more high throttled fun can be found at online casinos. One particular slot machine, Motorbike Monkey, provides a whimsical take on motor biking. The slot has a total of five reels where they fifth reel is designed only to increase one's winnings. The monkeys are the coveted symbol. When appearing in groups of three or six, they may be turned into bonus money. The monkeys may also be kept in order to be given a chance to win the even larger progressive bonus. Find the best mobile casino at, they have a massive selection of slots and traditional casino games to enjoy in between races.

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December 19th, 2012

Top 5 Cars for your Teen Driver

When buying a car for yourself there are so many things you think about. But when you are purchasing a vehicle for a teenager, the two biggest things to look for are safety and reliability. They may want certain features on the interior or exterior of the automobile, but with car wrecks being the number one killer of teens, you want to make sure your teen has the most important basics in any car you pick.  


One of the best picks for a new teen driver is the Hyundai Elantra. Each Elantra has reinforced inner door structures along with front, rear, and side-curtain air bags to keep everyone safe. The Hyundai's are also equipped with a new Electronic Stability Control system. And according to research these systems have helped with 35% fewer single car crashes and 30% fewer single car fatalities. And with a price tag for a new car running under $17,000 it is affordable as well as safe.


The Scion xB is a trendy boxed shaped, midsize vehicle that most any teen would love. This automobile also has a vehicle stability control system, and it has Smart Stop technology as well to help prevent unsafe rollbacks. The Scion xB will cost a little more, around $18,000 for an automatic. But with 22/28mpg your teen can save some money at the gas pump.


The Mazda 3 4-door I Touring was a Consumer Reports recommendation for teenage drivers. It also has up-to-date safety technology boasting a special blind spot monitoring system. And the fuel consumption is hard to beat on this car with up to 40mpg on the highway. There are also front, back, and side-curtain airbags as well on this car.


If you are willing to spend a little more money the Acura TSX is a top pick for teen drivers. One review of the vehicle on True Car Googleplus said it was "the perfect blend of reliability and luxury in a sedan" and they didn't recommend looking for any other car. Being that it is a luxury vehicle, the breaking and suspension systems are top of the line performance, adding to the safety and stability of the car. In addition it has the Advanced Compatibility Engineering body structure that distributes crash energy more evenly keeping passengers safer.


Although the Ford Focus has been around a while the car has been gaining in popularity for a number of years now. Due to its increase of advanced technology it has kept up in competition with more expensive cars. It costs around $18,000 brand new and it is great for new drivers because it is compact and extremely fuel efficient. And like some of its larger competitors it also offers the safety of Advance Trac Electronic Stability Control.


All of these cars are great for teens and new drivers. If you want to know more about them or search for other comparisons the internet can help with destinations like TrueCar Inc. company information  page that will tell you all you need to know about prices, safety, and any other important facts about the car.  

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December 12th, 2012

Choose the Best Car Rental Company for Your Trip: Alamo

Alamo Car Rental

Image via Flickr by justjason

When you go on vacation, there are lots of different car rental companies to choose from at the airport, but that doesn't mean they're all the same. You might have to pay one company more than another for the exact same car. So, to get the best deal on your car rental, you should always use to research prices and availability before going on your trip.

Car Rental Frustrations

Of course, just because you have a car reserved doesn't mean that everything will go smoothly once you arrive at your destination. Many people complain about car rental agencies because they charge insurance fees, mileage fees, and have long waiting lines at the airport. It's also confusing to know all the rules about gas. If you want to rent a car from an agency that minimizes customer frustrations, consider an Alamo car rental.

Alamo Rent A Car is known for their good deals and friendly customer service. They offer great deals on last-minute bookings and also have a self-check in booth so you can avoid the lines at the airport. Plus, Alamo has rental locations in most major cities around the United States, so you can join their loyalty program and save on rental cars wherever you travel. If you ever have a question or concern about your car rental or agreement, you can call an Alamo customer service representative for help.

Information About Alamo Rent A Car

Alamo has a long history of great service and customer care. Founded in 1974 in Florida, Alamo is now one of the biggest car rental agencies in the United States – it's actually rated third largest. They also have locations in Canada, Europe, Africa, the Caribbean, and most areas of Central America and South American.

One of the things that earned Alamo such a high rating is their unlimited mileage program, which basically allows customers to drive anywhere without worrying about extra mileage charges. As a matter of fact, in 2007, Budget Travel Magazine awarded Alamo the "Extra Mile Award," because of their broad scope of services and customer care.

So, the next time you need a car rental, consider using Alamo to minimize your frustrations. They are easy to use and really care about their customers. Plus, their cars are reliable, eco friendly, and fashionable.

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