Which Hotels Have the Most Luxurious Shower Setups

“Which hotels have the most luxurious shower setups?” is a question most travelers grapple with when trying to find a good hotel to stay in. Very few surprises are as delightful as discovering that the hotel you just checked into has an amazing and gorgeous shower set up. Amenities like steam showers, deep-soaking tubs, amazing views and high-tech toilets can make a hotel room feel like your own personal spa.

The bathroom is agreeably the heart of most hotel rooms. Whether it is serving as a romantic spa-like sanctuary for couples or a respite from frenetic streets, the hotel bathroom can break or make a stay. With that in mind, this article pays homage to only hotels with the best LED shower head setup in the world. Discover swaths of marble, deep copper soaking tubs, soothing rain showers and beautiful views in these amazing hotel bathrooms:

Amangiri, Canyon Point, Utah

Amangiri, Canyon Point, Utah
Amangiri, Canyon Point, Utah

The Architectures of Amangiri clearly had in mind the breathtaking environment of Utah, when they designed this ethereal hotel. Fittingly windows abound as the luxurious resort is located within the gleeful mesas of Southern Utah. The gorgeous bathrooms of the property (Mesa-view suites) contain deep bath tubs located in front of huge windows overlooking the imperial scenery which takes on gold and rose hues when the sun rises and sets. Green limestone tiles, 2-personal rain showers and locally manufactured bath products also enhance the experience.

Skylofts at MGM Grand Hotel and Casino

Skylofts at MGM Grand Hotel and Casino
Skylofts at MGM Grand Hotel and Casino

The Skylofts are located at the heart of the Las Vegas coast strip on the top 2 floors of the MGM hotel and Casino. Which means the amazing views from the Skylofts run as far as your eyes can see. The main focal point of the oversized bathrooms are their deep seated infinity bath tubs, where you will be completely immersed as you enjoy an in wall flat screen TV. Water overflows continuously on both sides of the tub and then rises to the top with admirable bubbles emerging from jets. If you are a fan of LED, you can engage in some chromo-therapy with LED lighting under the water. The shower setup allows you to change the colors from the control panel to get your desired lighting effects. The showers have oversized seating rain style showerheads which also double up as effective steam rooms. Other notable amenities in the hotel rooms include; in mirror Sony flat screens, a collection of Bulgari white tea bath products and heated towel racks and fogless. For the ultimate affluence, you can also call the spa butler who will quickly draw up a scented bath for you(green tea, ocean or lemongrass sage) and then adjust the music, the lighting and bring your favorite wine! If wondering where we received this information, just redirect to this page for a list of various shower heads. A wide majority of which, are often used in high-end hotels.

The Peninsula Chicago

The Peninsula Chicago
The Peninsula Chicago

The suite has multiple beguiling features including a baby grand piano, a private workout room and a fireplace. But most people will be partial to its luxurious bathroom. A spacious whirlpool tub surrounded by sandy hued marble hosts and boasts a wide window with a great view of the City’s rush streets from the 18th floor. The hotel also has a unique rare perk usually found in urban retreats: a wrap around terrace that has an outdoor whirlpool. And even though this bathroom does not have other flashy amenities, its shower set up has state of the art fixtures that you would expect from a luxurious hotel including ,a water closet, a separate glass shower ,a flat screen TV, a steam free, mood lighting, a hands free telephone and a spacious room.

Park Hyatt Maçka Palas, Istanbul

Taking cues from the traditional Turkish baths, the hotel’s bathrooms have separate steam rooms, a heated stone seat where you can receive spa treatments and heated floors .A stone sink (Known as Kurma in Turkish)is also strategically placed next to the shower and is used to collect cold water.

Singita Sweni, South Africa

A sliding-glass door separates the outdoor shower and the indoor bathtub. The shower space is also spacious enough and open to the wild which offers a great vantage point for guests to observe birds and baboons in the trees below plus waterbucks and crocodiles in the river and elephants.

Hotel 1000, Seattle, Washington

When you get into your room at the hotel, you will notice just a regular-looking and spacious bathtub. But it is not the usual tubs you see in other hotels. It is a ��a fill from the ceiling’ tub. In the hotel’s luxurious rooms, a glass wall separates the bathroom from the main room, where at a single touch of a button, water will flow from the bathroom’s ceiling into the roomy freestanding pedestal bathtub.

Source for shower and hotel information is BestShowerSource.com.

Should Classical Cars Use Devices to Detect Police?…

Picking a radar indicator can appear like an overwhelming errand. There are various choices out there and incalculable sites letting you know which one is the best; however the truth is there isn’t a “best radar locator.” Before making a buy it is essential to consider the fundamental situations where you drive, the kind of list of capabilities you think you would like, the sorts of dangers (radar groups utilized and the vicinity of different sorts of traps) in your general vicinity, and in addition your driving style. By seeing the best undetectable radar detectors on the market, you;ll see the it very clearly.
In the event that you drive chiefly on magnificent and uneven streets you will need to center your pursuit on indicators that have great off-hub execution. In the event that a large portion of your ventures are in a city where false cautions are common, consider indicators that offer GPS based separating to consequently quiet those falses. If you ordinarily drive 10mph over as far as possible you may not require an identifier with top dollar execution. In the event that you live in a range where radar identifiers are unlawful your choices may be constrained to indicators from Escort and Beltronics which utilize the M3 stage, since they are stealth to radar indicator locators (RDDs) like the Specter unit utilized as a part of Virginia.
Since 2013, there have been some significant headways in radar indicators. Maybe the greatest change in execution has been band division, generally contracted as “BS.” Basically, this highlight, which was customarily discovered just in the Beltronics STi-R Plus, permitted clients to adjust their indicators to sweep for certain Ka-groups. This tuning choice enhanced early identification significantly, since identifiers would spend less separating on a wide exhibit of signs, and accordingly filter for particular, and known dangers. Another headway has been as extra frill like the V1Connection and the custom application called YaV1 for the Valentine radar. The V1Connection is a Bluetooth module that permits clients to likewise setup band division on their Valentine radar locators. See the top rated radar detectors for highway here. The YaV1 application, which uses the V1Connection module, is a comparative in capacity and has been exceptionally prominent among individuals here.
Another indicator has risen this previous year, and the Escort Max has ended up being incredible finder; in any case, we have not tried it. It has experienced a few updates tailing its presentation, on the other hand, those overhauls have significantly enhanced its settings and have demonstrated the locator to be touchy and give convenient cautions to the normal K and Ka groups. The proper radar detector reviews 2015 are posted at RDD source.
We are not going to attempt and let you know precisely which radar indicator (rd) is the ideal match for you, yet we can point you in the right bearing. In the wake of perusing this you ought to have a couple of particular models as a primary concern and afterward I would recommend going on the gathering to peruse audits of those models by people who have utilized them, observing genuine execution features, and soliciting the individuals from our group any inquiries you may have.

X Band is NOT dead and is in USE in some states… read this

Recently I posted a thread inquiring whether or not anyone had seen Oregon state police running X-band recently. I knew that they used to, but I haven’t seen it in almost 10 years. I still haven’t seen them running it, but that doesn’t mean that local sheriffs don’t.

Anyway, on Sunday I was traveling on hwy 97 through Jefferson County in central Oregon. I was doing about 85-90 mph in a 55 zone and rapidly gaining on a pack of cars that were still a short ways ahead of me when I got an X alert on the V1. I paid attention, but did not slow down. Shortly later it ramped up to 2, then up to 3. That was strong enough that I regarded the fact that it could be a legitimate threat, so I dropped speed to around 60. A short time later a Jefferson County sheriff came around the bend in a Crown Victoria, and turned around after the last car ahead of me. He immediately turned on his lights and made his way to the front of the pack and pulled over the leader.

Had I turned x band off he would have quickly changed his mind and pulled me over when he came around the bend instead. Asvwe passed him on the side of the road with his victim I said to my wife, “the big fish is getting away!”

Much like Ferrari & Porsche, Lamborghini is now beginning it’s restoration of their older vehicles.

Lamborghini Polo Storico admirable auto department Lamborghini Polo Storico phenomenal auto office
As excitement for the universe of excellent autos keeps soarring some would even call it a franticness Lamborghini is spoiling the needs of proprietors of some of its most storied models, for occasion, the Miura and Countach by creating and relaunching its Polo Storico recuperation office.
Like the Ferrari Classiche and Porsche Classic work environments at foe brands, Lamborghini’s Polo Storico joins a vehicle patching up focus that regardless of offering reinforce and repairs also offers full vehicle support and distinctive real extra parts for every single legitimate Lamborghin models (i.e. any model no all the more in advancement).
Precisely when restoring a stunning are the parts and materials segregating furthermore the routines and strategies. This is especially segregating concerning having vehicles confirmed as being as near to a unique as could sensibly be typical. At the Polo Storico, proprietors can have the creative energy of the sections of their amazing checked by a specific driving assemblage of trustees which, if unfaltering, will then issue the guaranteeing, serving to ensure the estimation of the auto and moreover giving the business acknowledgement.

Shop-Vac 12 Gallon Wet Dry Vacuum

The Features of the Shop-Vac 12 Gallon Wet Dry Vacuum

Impending right out of the box, you’ll perceive this vacuum cleaner is robust because of its 12 gallon holding limit. On top of that, you will likewise get various adornments that can be utilized for about every application regarding clean up.

Here are the principle highlights the Shop-Vac Ultra Pro arrangement accompanies:

This shop vac has a tank capable of holding up to 12 gallons. (This can be either water or earth)

The capable engine creates an astounding 6.5 torque of suction & blower power

Upper area of this shop vac is totally detachable, making it into an electric blower

A 18 ft force rope is incorporated

A 2.5″ 8 ft hose is likewise includ

Porsche 911 (997) Turbo “Veyaete”

Porsche 911 (997) Turbo Another collaboration between ADV1 and SR Auto Group brings you this stunning Porsche 911 (997) Turbo in a very unique color. This masterpiece is slightly modded but doesn’t need much else to stand apart from all other boring 911 Turbos out there. The ADV1 wheels were carefully selected by S$ Auto and they went with the 8.1 ADV in a very unique and light gunmetal color to accent the car just perfectly. Hands down one of the prettiest 911 Turbos to date, and once again simplicity and perfection delivered.

Radar Detecotrs are the #1 cause of speeding ticket avoidance in classic cars.

Utilizing a windshield mounted radar locator is by a wide margin the least expensive choice to run with. A decent quality identifier can be had the best radar detector for under 300 dollars and can last you for a couple of years without an issue. They are anything but difficult to mount and module, alongside directions you can undoubtedly program them to improve sensitivity. Last simple part is unmistakably uninstalling one radar identifier and rapidly introducing a different one. With the minimalist setup right out of the case, its as bother free as it gets.

Second kind of radar detector reviews indicator is one that is hardwired into your vehicle. Basically, this kind of radar indicator has numerous parts that are place in different parts of your vehicle. This can either be finished by an expert installer or yourself, this methodology can take a couple of hours to do relying upon your expertise level.
Source: RadarDetectorDepot.com for undetectable radar detectors

There’s a great deal less hardwired styled radar indicators available than wind shield mounted radar identifiers, and that is generally because of their cost and adequacy. Normal expense of a hard wire radar locator is around $1,100 and going up to around $2,000-$3,000. These are among the most intense identifiers anybody can purchase for their vehicles, with extent well past over a couple of miles (on level surfaces). Some of our radar finder audits will cover the hardwired radar indicators, and which is the best radar indicator of them all if cash is no issue.

Most Exclussive Car Sold For Millions in March 23, 2015

The planets’ most established running car, the steam driven 1884 De Dion sold as of late for $4.6 million in Pennsylvania. This vintage auto sold for more than twofold of its list gauge, and is a world record for an early engine auto at closeout. The vintage auto was the most exceptionally esteemed of 115 autos that we offered by RM Auctions at Hershey not long ago. The steam driven obsolescent auto is fit for 37 miles every hour on a straight street and drew a standing applause from the gathering of people when it drove onto the sale stage. The collectible autos’ offering began at $500,000 and promptly bounced to $1 million preceding climbing the record of $4.6 million. RM Auctions has not identified the purchase of this relic auto.

Resource: Wiki

Vacuum Cleaning is CRUCIAL for Successful Garage and House

Vacuum Cleaning is CRUCIAL for Successful Garage and HouseIf you’ve been looking for an excellent guide on how to properly pick a shop vacuum, I’m about to tell you a place where you can check that out now.

Briefly, the place is called the dust collecting shop vacs and it’s awesome. There’s reviews, ratings and numerous vacuum cleaners to choose from. How it all started was the author first got tired of using his shop vac after buying multiple ones from Walmart and Kmart after a few years, he went to Amazon and read some reviews… then behold he FOUND the vacuum cleaner he was looking for that worked exactly how it was supposed to work.

Proceeding with the vacuum cleaners, the one he picked up was made by Ridgid. Prior to that, I read an exceptionally good Ridgid  best shop vac cleaner review which mentioned ALL it’s pro’s, con’s and even what how people recommend using it. It’s size fooled me, but the suction power is exceptionally good for what it actually is.

When it was all said and done, the vacuum cleaner works great for the truck and car, house, garage, my construction job and really anything else I’d throw at it. It’s a “wet&dry” vacuum too, so using it in the boat is no problem at all!

Best Car Vacuum Cleaner.

NOTE: Invest into a GOOD vacuum cleaner and you’ll never have to settle for buying cheap and crappy “Walmart” brand vacuum cleaners.

Even you classic cars need fuel system cleaning sometimes…

Odds are the old car you’re a big fan of is actually gasoline powered. Meaning it probably operates using an old yet reliable carburetor system. (The complete opposite of modern day top fuel Injection cleaning kit s.) Now, either way the carburetor system can get clogged up with unwanted gunk ALL THE TIME.


This means the performance will suffer, and especially for the old age your favorite car is.. it’s bad news. You don’t have to look far to really understand what NEEDs to be done the system to make it perform better, and better yet adding some type of cleaner will often times do the trick.

vw-jetta-tdi-cup-street-edition-01Most popular fuel cleaners by far are the Lucas fuel system treatment, Berrymans B12 Fuel System Treatment Review, BG 44K fuel treatment, Redline & Gumout. These are ordered from most expensive to least expensive and you probably guessed it, the better ones often cost more for that reason. One thing you’ve gotta do is read the full fuel system cleaning reviews here to really understand how it’s done, but once you do.. you can do it every time with ease.

Note: The car above is in fact, a Volkswagen Jetta TDI. Meaning it will only take a fuel injector cleaner to full have  a detox done.

No difficulty whatsoever and in fact, we’d recommend switching to premium gasoline due to the lower level of ethanol.

Ethanol if you didn’t know is an additive used in gasoline to make the emissions much safer, which is “supposed to be ” better for the environment. As a bi product after the fuel is burned, it is oxidized in the combustion chamber causing a layer of carbon which interferes with movement (by a fraction of a millisecond). That alone is enough to drastically interfere with the performance to the point where you’d take a serious notice at it.

Read up at Wikipedia on Carburetors and Royal Purple the top Fuel Injector System cleaner to get a better idea of how that stuff works, and what poor fuel causes as a result.

Second source is the BEST fuel injector cleaner, which is in fact updated as of March 25th.

Classic Bentley Tour Arrives at… You Guessed It… UK!

Bentleys in Victoria BC

Some classic car owners are content to leave their charges in museums or humidity-controlled garages. Others believe the cars should be driven and even exposed to the same hazards they faced when new. Among the latter are members of the Bentley Drivers Club, who organised a tour of thirty-four vintage Bentleys ranging from 1925 to 1969 that began in Vancouver, BC, travelled north through Banff, Jasper, Prince George, and onto the Alaska Highway to Anchorage. From there they ferried to Port Hardy on Vancouver Island, then drove south to the finish at Victoria, BC’s capital city. The cars and drivers came from England, New Zealand, Australia, Canada and the United States.

Victoria being a mere twenty miles from my home in Sidney, I was delighted to view more classic Bentleys than I’d seen in my entire lifetime. Some nineteen cars were original “W.O.” Bentleys, built by Walter Owen Bentley prior to the sale of his assets to Rolls-Royce in 1931. As they arrived these fabulous classics lined up in front of the British Columbia parliament buildings, to the astonishment of tourists visiting from nearby Canadian and US cities. For these magnificent old classic cars and owners the tour was a challenge, which explains why some arrived with dirt and dust while a few looked as though they’d just had a visit with the detailers. Of the thirty-four classic Bentleys that began the tour only two failed to make it to the finish. Which tells you just how rugged these cars were when built. Most early Bentleys seemed to be painted British Racing Green but this 1928 4.25 liter was an exception, making it a favorite with spectators and photographers.

1928 Bentley

It seems as though no two Bentleys were alike, hence this beautiful 1939 4.25 liter, owned by David & Adele Cohen. I especially liked the crisp, creased cabin design.

Bentley Special

And though it’s a shame not to include all the Bentleys in the tour, let’s conclude with a postwar example, when the great British cars, under the Rolls-Royce umbrella, had become elegant continental tourers.


[Thanks to contributor Nigel Matthews for making me aware of this unique event.]

Back to the 80′s for the Next Big Collector Car Trend

tvr_britauctionMy friend and Classical Drives contributor Nigel Matthew knows as much or more about collector car values than anyone on this earth. So when he tells me that 1980’s cars are the next big thing, I believe him. Backing Nigel’s opinion is the UK’s BCA (British Car Auctions). Robin Lawton, head of BCA’s classics department, commented: “we’ve seen a rising interest in cars from the 1980s in recent sales and we expect the start of the new BBC TV series (Ashes to Ashes ) to fuel this even further. People are beginning to feel a sense of nostalgia for 80’s fashions and this includes cars like the Golf GTI, Rover SD1, Ford Cortina, BMW and Mercedes models of that era.”

No doubt the same thing’s happening in the US and Canada although I’m not yet aware of a TV series based in that decade. So what 80’s cars available on this side of the Atlantic deserve to be collected? How about the Mustang II, Pontiac Fiero, Buick Reatta, Cadillac Allante, Mazda Miata, Toyota Supra v.2 or, for those with a sense of humour, a Hyundai Pony? Or a ford taurus with the Suzuki-modified V-6 engine? Or (my favorite) a Pontiac Grand Prix coupe from 1988? Even the much-maligned Chrysler TC deserves consideration. Please add your suggestions in the “comments” box below. After all, you could gain fame for recognising something the rest of us missed.

1948 MG TC Classic Cars Road Trip

130912241A New Zealand couple with a love for classic cars are now set to embark on an international road trip in their 1948 MG TC sports car. They plan to drive the model to China on an epic 30,000 mile journey from Barnsley, New Zealand via Europe, Russia, China and southeast Asia.

The car originally cost Robert Douglas 150 pounds when he purchased it as a teenager more than four decades ago. They admit that most people have told them they are “totally, completely and utterly mad” for pursuing the idea, but Mrs. Douglas explains that they’ve done lots of long-distance touring the past around Australia, South America , Central America and North America, so it is not exactly new to them. On their latest trip, the couple will be joined by their friends Mark and Sheila Masters who also own an MG that is virtually identical to the Douglas’ car.

Vintage Cars – Worlds Oldest Automobile Sold for $4.6 Million

oldest car soldThe worlds’ oldest running automobile, the steam driven 1884 De Dion sold recently for $4.6 million in Pennsylvania. This vintage car sold for more than double of its catalogue estimate, and is a world record for an early motor car at auction. The vintage car was the most highly valued of 115 cars that we offered by RM Auctions at Hershey earlier this week. The steam driven antique car is capable of 37 miles per hour on a straight road and drew a standing ovation from the audience when it drove onto the auction stage. The antique cars’ bidding started at $500,000 and immediately jumped to $1 million before climbing the record of $4.6 million. RM Auctions has not identified the buy of this antique car.


Source: VWofFlorida

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