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October 24th, 2006

Classic Test: 60′s Mustang vs. 60′s Camaro

Mustang Convertible

Politics and wars aside, the loudest arguments during the 60′s often concerned the superiority of the Ford Mustang vs. the chevrolet camaro. Personally I preferred Chevy’s Corvair, but given my background racing modified VW’s and Porsches that was, perhaps, understandable. Now that pony cars are again hot sellers, this time as collectibles, the battles rage on, though in a friendlier vein. Motor Trend Classic magazine has taken on the job of adjudicating the dispute with a lengthy article that looks at the history of both cars, offers quotes from period road tests, and reaches its own conclusion. The author chooses the Mustang, though he admits to certain irrational influences. I’m not going to get into that one as I admire both cars equally while still holding out for the Corvair, especially v.2. After all, it was the success of the original Corvair Monza coupe that encouraged the competition to get in on a hot new marketing segment. Photo:

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