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December 23rd, 2007

Edsel Ford, Design Genius Lost

Edsel Speedster

henry ford was the inspiration behind the company. Henry II rebuilt it into a powerful industrial force following WW2. But the most creative of the family was Edsel Ford, a talented artist and designer whose name sadly commemorates a marketing disaster that occurred long after his death. During his time as a Ford executive Edsel was responsible for the Lincoln Continental and other unique Ford styles, especially during the art deco period of the 30's. Two rare Edsel Ford designs that have been hidden from the public eye for decades will resurface at "RM Auction's 10th annual Amelia Island event" on March 8, 2008. They include a 1934 Ford Model 40 Special Speedster, custom-built for Edsel Ford and inspired by a trip to Europe. The '34 Speedster has the overall effect of a pure racing car; low-riding aluminum body, twin windscreens, no doors and headlamps positioned at axle height. Sold after Mr. Ford's passing, it remained in storage for nearly 40 years before being purchased by its current owner in 1999. This car alone should be sufficient to send you booking an Amelia Island stay in 2008.

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