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April 7th, 2007

The Truth About Volvos

Volvo Jacob

A few blogs ago I made mention of "Volvo's 70-year history.". My article featured the PV544 and later models. I wish I could have included a few words and a graphic about that very first Volvo, but I'd been guilty of a very foolish move. Several years ago Volvo's pr people gave me a brass model of that original Jacob. It was nicely detailed except that the rear had been modified to accept a cigarette lighter.

I'm a purist (pure crap, some might say) where models are concerned and eventually tossed it. Utterly, supidly, foolish, I now admit. So I was pleased to note an "Autoblog" entry regarding a real 1927 Volvo Jacob at the New York International Auto Show. Says Volvo, "this particular PV4 Jacob was registered in November, 1927, by a school inspector. It changed hands only a few times in the next seven decades before Volvo purchased it in 2001 to have it restored."

No smoking, please.

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