Back to the 80′s for the Next Big Collector Car Trend

tvr_britauctionMy friend and Classical Drives contributor Nigel Matthew knows as much or more about collector car values than anyone on this earth. So when he tells me that 1980’s cars are the next big thing, I believe him. Backing Nigel’s opinion is the UK’s BCA (British Car Auctions). Robin Lawton, head of BCA’s classics department, commented: “we’ve seen a rising interest in cars from the 1980s in recent sales and we expect the start of the new BBC TV series (Ashes to Ashes ) to fuel this even further. People are beginning to feel a sense of nostalgia for 80’s fashions and this includes cars like the Golf GTI, Rover SD1, Ford Cortina, BMW and Mercedes models of that era.”

No doubt the same thing’s happening in the US and Canada although I’m not yet aware of a TV series based in that decade. So what 80’s cars available on this side of the Atlantic deserve to be collected? How about the Mustang II, Pontiac Fiero, Buick Reatta, Cadillac Allante, Mazda Miata, Toyota Supra v.2 or, for those with a sense of humour, a Hyundai Pony? Or a ford taurus with the Suzuki-modified V-6 engine? Or (my favorite) a Pontiac Grand Prix coupe from 1988? Even the much-maligned Chrysler TC deserves consideration. Please add your suggestions in the “comments” box below. After all, you could gain fame for recognising something the rest of us missed.

1948 MG TC Classic Cars Road Trip

130912241A New Zealand couple with a love for classic cars are now set to embark on an international road trip in their 1948 MG TC sports car. They plan to drive the model to China on an epic 30,000 mile journey from Barnsley, New Zealand via Europe, Russia, China and southeast Asia.

The car originally cost Robert Douglas 150 pounds when he purchased it as a teenager more than four decades ago. They admit that most people have told them they are “totally, completely and utterly mad” for pursuing the idea, but Mrs. Douglas explains that they’ve done lots of long-distance touring the past around Australia, South America , Central America and North America, so it is not exactly new to them. On their latest trip, the couple will be joined by their friends Mark and Sheila Masters who also own an MG that is virtually identical to the Douglas’ car.

Vintage Cars – Worlds Oldest Automobile Sold for $4.6 Million

oldest car soldThe worlds’ oldest running automobile, the steam driven 1884 De Dion sold recently for $4.6 million in Pennsylvania. This vintage car sold for more than double of its catalogue estimate, and is a world record for an early motor car at auction. The vintage car was the most highly valued of 115 cars that we offered by RM Auctions at Hershey earlier this week. The steam driven antique car is capable of 37 miles per hour on a straight road and drew a standing ovation from the audience when it drove onto the auction stage. The antique cars’ bidding started at $500,000 and immediately jumped to $1 million before climbing the record of $4.6 million. RM Auctions has not identified the buy of this antique car.


Source: VWofFlorida

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