Vintage Cars – Worlds Oldest Automobile Sold for $4.6 Million

oldest car soldThe worlds’ oldest running automobile, the steam driven 1884 De Dion sold recently for $4.6 million in Pennsylvania. This vintage car sold for more than double of its catalogue estimate, and is a world record for an early motor car at auction. The vintage car was the most highly valued of 115 cars that we offered by RM Auctions at Hershey earlier this week. The steam driven antique car is capable of 37 miles per hour on a straight road and drew a standing ovation from the audience when it drove onto the auction stage. The antique cars’ bidding started at $500,000 and immediately jumped to $1 million before climbing the record of $4.6 million. RM Auctions has not identified the buy of this antique car.


Source: VWofFlorida

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